Highland Park, in Louisville KY

Our site is dedicated to not only tracking some of the rich history of Highland Park, but also to the future development of the land that at one time made up such a vibrant neighborhood.
I spent time in Highland Park as a youngster, and well remember seeing it in the news when it’s residents fought back against city officials that needed their land to reroute traffic and expand the airport facility. Standiford Field needed to grow. And with that growth came the UPS central World Hub that currently employs over 20,000 people. In addition, it also contains the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center that provides even more jobs to the Louisville area.

To see it now one would think that it’s just a piece of Louisville’s neglected inner city land. The houses and people have been gone some time now. The local business’s like stores, shops, and small used bhph car dealers are gone and will not be returning. It’s completely fenced off and the roads that used to be busy with cars and trucks making their daily commute or deliveries to and from the local business’s for the most part are still there. But where the roads used to be used for cars and trucks, they now have weeds growing up through cracks in them. Will the airport authority re purpose the old roads so that employee vehicles can use them? Only the future knows for sure.

Beyond needing the land for their expansion, Louisville International Airport needed to reroute traffic because trucks used them for deliveries to and from airport facilities. Is it easier for cars and delivery trucks to get to and from the airport now? Yes it is. Cars used to have to go a long way around from one side to the other, but since the roads have been redone, it’s improved traffic flow considerably around the area.

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